Louise Stahlbaum

Real Name

Louise Stahlbaum

First Appearance

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (1816)

Created by

E. T. A. Hoffman


On Christmas Eve, Drosselmeier visits his grandchildren, Marie, Fritz, and Louise Stahlbaum and presents them with multiple gifts, including a Nutcracker. The children's father gives the Nutcracker to Marie as she seems to like it the most.

While the three children are playing with the Nutcracker, Fritz accidentally breaks the toy, leaving it with a broken jaw. The children are then told it is bed time but, Marie asks to stay up a bit longer. The father agrees, sending Fritz and Louise on up to bed.

And what happened to her after that has never been revealed.

Public Domain Appearances


Like Liza from the Peter Pan story, Louise is the most under-used character in the various Nutcracker re-tellings. She usually goes unnamed or is simply left out.

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