Loveday Brooke

Real Name

Loveday Brooke

First Appearance

The Experiences Of Loveday Brooke: Lady Detective (novel, 1894)

Original Publisher

Created by

Catherine Louisa Pirkis


Loveday Brooke was a private detective who operated in London. She had been an upper class lady until hard times left her penniless and without many friends. She found employment with Ebenezer Dyer, the chief of a well-known detective agency in Lynch Court, Fleet Street. Although her new profession of investigating crimes further distanced her from high society, Loveday was very prim and proper and usually wore a modest black dress. She was about 30 years of age and described as "non-descript" in physical features, being of very average height, weight and looks. She had a tendency to squint when she was deep in thought, and was considered something of a genius by Mr. Dyer and others who witnessed her reasoned approach to solving crimes.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

The Experiences Of Loveday Brooke: Lady Detective

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