The Lynx

Real Name

James (last name unknown)

First Appearance

Mystery Men Comics #13 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Grieg Chapian (as Norton Kingsley)



Independently wealthy, Jim made it his life's work to combat racketeering as the Lynx. He resides in a mansion located outside of a large city with his ward and crime-fighting partner, Phil (who took the name Blackie, the Mystery Boy).

Powers and Abilities

Sometimes, the Lynx displays superhuman strength and speed. These powers came from a famous biologist who endowed the hero with tremendous energy. At other times, the Lynx seems to merely be an extremely athletic man, who is good with his fists. He could fly.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mystery Men Comics #13-31

The Lynx's original costume.

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