Public Domain Super Heroes
He's the best; in, and out of the cage!

Real Name

Jack Binder

First Appearance

Round 1 Magazine, Vol.1, Issue 1, 2009 (Advertisement Only)

Original Publisher

Round 1 Fight Gear

Created by

Marz Workman


Jack Binder trained in the martial arts since he was a teen. When he came of age, he began to compete in mixed martial arts tournaments. Later, when he came across a mugging, he fought off the attackers and saved a couple from harm. This made him feel good, so he adopted the guise of MMA (Mixed Martial Artist). He modeled his alternate self from the golden age hero Daredevil, right down to the boomerangs.

Powers and Abilities

He has no powers, but he is highly skilled in many martial arts styles.


Round 1 Magazine, Vol.1, Issue 1, 2009 (Advertisement Only)

The original ad as it ran.


MMA was created to be the mascot of Round 1 Fight Gear, a company I co-owned. We managed to publish one issue of our magazine on our website before we closed business. MMA appeared in an advertisement to appear in his own feature for the next issue, which was never published. The above origin was intended to be the first story.

As the creator/owner of this property, I am releasing it into the public domain.