Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist

Real Name


First Appearance

The Mad Scientist (1941)

Original Publisher

Fleischer Studios

Created By

Dave Fleischer


Once an ordinary scientist, his warnings were ignored and laughed at by the press. Driven mad by their mockery, he sought revenge by firing his invention, the Electrothanasia Ray, directly at their main building and the city around it. In the end, however, the weapon was destroyed and the Mad Scientist was put in jail.

The Mad Scientist is prone to kidnapping and property damage. Aside from his deadly laser, the Mad Scientist resided in a mountaintop hideout that provided a view of the city below. He also had a loyal minion - a pet vulture that aided him in his experiments.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Mad Scientist (1941)


  • Only the Mad Scientist and his associates are in the public domain. Everything else featured in the cartoon is NOT as they are owned by Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

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