Public Domain Super Heroes
Madam Fatal

Real Name

Richard Stanton

First Appearance

Crack Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Art Pinajian


After Richard Stanton's daughter was kidnapped, the shock gave his wife a heart attack and he quit the theater to find her. Disguising himself as a "harmless old woman," he later came to be known as "Madam Fatal." Eight years later, he found the gangster who kidnapped his daughter, John Carver. Carver had kidnapped Stanton's daughter out of revenge because Stanton married Carver's first love. Stanton brought the fiend to justice but, failed to find his daughter, causing him to continue on and fight criminals as Madam Fatal. He was assisted by his parrot, Hamlet, who would recite Shakespeare. He later formed the "Sure Fire Detective Agency" with Tubby White and Scrappy Nelson.

His foes included the Tiger Woman and the Black Witch. He once (sort of) worked with the Jester.

Powers and Abilities

Madam Fatal had no powers but, wielded a cane as a weapon and was a skilled actor and master of disguise.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Crack Comics #1-22


  • Although the DC Comics' heroine, Ma Hunkel, debuted in All-American Comics #3 (June 1939), she did not appear as the cross-dressing hero, the Red Tornado, until All-American Comics #20 (Nov. 1940) making Madam Fatal comics' first cross-dressing character.
  • The spelling of the character's name has sometimes been given as Madam Fatal, Madam Fatale, Madame Fatal, and Madame Fatale.

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