Madame Muscle
Madame Muscle

Real Name

Mary Brinker

First Appearance

Crimes By Women #7 (June 1947)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Syndicate

Created by



As a child, Mary Brinker was always strong, and as she reached adulthood her strength grew to almost superhuman proportions. She ended up finding work as a carnival strongwoman, her main act being to wrestle multiple men at once.

Mary was unfortunately very naïve and trusting, and lost her savings to a scam artist named Ratt. She caught up to Ratt and his partner, but Ratt convinced her to partner with them in a scheme to steal the nightly recipts from the carnival. This starts her down a path of criminal behavior, becoming a regular part of Ratt's gang, until she felt she wasn't getting a fair share of the take. This lead to a confrontation with Ratt, who pulled a gun on her, but Mary shrugged off the bullet without any serious injury. She took over Ratt's gang and started a series of bank robbieries where she uses her incredible strength to tear through the banker's cages and get to the money. She murdered one of the tellers at the bank as the made their escape. The police were in pursuit of the gang, with Mary riding on the car's sideboard. She ripped the car's door off it's hinges and flung it at the police car, sending it careening into a light pole.

Mary and the gang plan on robbing the State Treasury, but the police were prepared for her and number of well armed cops started firing at her. The hail of bullets overwhelmed even her incredible strength and she died from her wounds.

Powers and Abilites

Madame Muscle was superhumanly strong with a high degree of damage resistance. She could lift and throw men singlehandedly, bend and tear metal, such as ripping car doors off their hinges and pulling the banker's cage windows out of the wall with ease. Her damage resistance was enough for her to shrug off being shot a close range, though she was not really invulnerable, seeing how she could be knocked out by a blow to the head, and a large hail of bullets from the police was enough to kill her.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Crimes by Women #7
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