Real Name


First Appearance

Zip Comics #4 (May, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Blair & Ed Wexler

Golden Age Origin

Magi was a sorceror who worked for the king of the mermen who lived in a golden city beneathe the ocean. When he was tasked with bringing the king a surface woman to become his queen, he knew that he would first have to stop the only man with the power to interfere. That man was the magician, Zambini. After putting Zambini in a trance, Magi and his assistant, Torno, abducted Mary Reed and brought her under the sea for the king. However, Zambini soon rescued the girl, after a brief battle with Magi. Magi begged forgiveness and was granted mercy.

Magi demonstrated magical abilities, including the ability to put people into a death-like trance from which they will never wake, the ability to walk through walls, and the ability to turn humans into mer-people. Like others of his race, he had the ability to breathe underwater, survive in the ocean depths and see well in dark places. However, like his people, his eyes were sensetive to light, making ordinary daylight unbearable. It is unclear if his ability to survive and speak out of water was common to his people, or the result of his magic.

Golden Age Appearances

Zip Comics #4