Magic Agent
Magic agent

Real Name

John Force

First Appearance

Magic Agent #1 (January-February 1962)

Original Publisher


Created by

Richard E. Hughes and Paul Reinman

Silver Age Origin

American Security Group logo

The ASG Insignia on Force's right hand.

John Force, the Magic Agent, was a secret agent of the American Security Group during the Cold War era who fought Communists. He possessed a magic coin that had an image of Greek columns. By touching a different column on the coin Force gained a different magic power. His powers included hypnosis, illusion, and telepathy.

Magic Agent coin

The Magic Coin/Medallion

However he was not helpless without the coin's magic, John Force was very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Public Domain Silver Age Appearances

  • Magic Agent #1-3

Copyrighted Silver Age Appearances

  • Unknown Worlds #35-36,48-56


Only Magic Agent's self-titled series is in the public domain. His appearances in Unknown Worlds occurred after 1964 when renewal was no longer necessary to retain copyright.

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