The Magic Maker

Real Name

Mr. Vishnu

First Appearance

Forbidden Worlds #73 (1958)

Original Publisher

ACG (American Comics Group)

Created by

John Forte


Mr. Vishnu, aka: The Magic Maker, appeared in one two-page story. He was introduced to Ben Adams, a theatrical booking agent who was looking for the next big thing. After levitating a rope and pulling a guinea pig out of his hat, Mr. Adams gave him one last chance to impress him before showing him the door. He then made a paperweight disappear which completely unimpressed Mr. Adams who demanded Mr. Vishnu leave while belittling him. The Magic Maker threatened that Mr. Adams would regret this. Later that day, Mr. Adams secretary entered his office but, although the reader could see him, his secretary couldn't. She commented how odd it was the she hadn't seen him leave... It was like he had just disappeared.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Forbidden Worlds #73