Major Victory

Real Name


First Appearance

Dynamic Comics #1 (October 1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by



This nameless American soldier was a night sentry at eastern Army post Camp Courage. Noticing a light on in the armory, he went to investigate only to have a saboteur throw a lantern in his face, setting him on fire and blinding him. Searching blindly for the bomb, he was able to find it but not defuse it before it exploded, killing him.

Spirits take his remains to Father Patriot, who restores his body and brings him back to life with the ringing of the Liberty Bell. He continues to fight for America as Major Victory.

When he is needed, Father Patriot rings the Liberty Bell, which only Major Victory can hear and in a flash of lightning, Major Victory is transported to appear before him.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from the fact he was returned from the dead, Major Victory has no powers. However, Father Patriot did give him a mountain hideout, a super radio receiver, and a plane for his fight against the enemies of freedom.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Dynamic Comics #1-3
  • Major Victory Comics #1-3

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