Malleable Man
Malleable man by knight3000-d8kkh99.png
Image is © Michael Knight and used with permission.

Real Name

John Lee

First Appearance

Thunder and Stars part 3 (March 3, 2011)

Created by

Sidney Osinga


John Lee was obese his entire life. As he grew older, his weight increased and he began to experience health problems related to it, such as diabetes, apnea, and high blood pressure, as well as limiting his mobility. Desperate, he volunteered for an experimental procedure that would destabilize his fat cells, making it more easy for them to be flushed from the body. However, what happened was that his skin, muscles, and most of his bones (except for his skull) were also affected, turning everything into a jelly-like mass. At first, he was horrified, but soon realized the benefits of his new form, including solving his health problems, and decided to use his abilities to have "fun " as a super-criminal.

The Malleable Man is a easygoing person. He just wants to use his powers to have fun. Of course, his idea of fun is robbing places and brawling with superheroes. He often threaents people during robberies, but would never intentionally hurt a "normal". Superheroes are another matter, but then again they're supposed to be tougher, and he would never actually try to kill one.


The Malleable Man can alter his body into any shape. He can form simple shapes with his body. He can stretch his limbs to an unspecified length, although they can exert less strength the longer they are. He can also grow additional limbs as needed. He can rapidly shift his body mass around. For example, he can start to throw a punch and shift mass so it hits harder. He can lift up to two tons. His flesh is resistant to projectiles and blunt force, and is difficult to pierce.

Physical Appearence

The Malleable Man's most common form is a humanoid form seven feet tall. His legs are thick and trunk-like with no obvious feet or toes. Most of his mass is in his lower torso, leaving his upper body relatively skinny. He has no apparent neck. His forearms are thicker than his upper arms (like Popeye). He usually has four or five chubby fingers on his hands. His hair is usually uncombed. He rarely wears clothing since his skin offers good protection and he has no visible genitalia.


Thunder and Stars part 3


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