Public Domain Super Heroes
Man O' Mars

Real Name

John Hunter

First Appearance

Man O' Mars #1 (1953)

Original Publisher

Ficiton House

Created by

Maurice Gutwirth


In the year 2036 A.D., Earth was under the attack of the Martian war fleet armed with atomic weapons. This attack was led by Gurtil who threatened to destroy New York City next if Earth did not surrender. As all looked hopeless and the leaders of Earth were about to give up, John Hunter of the Marsmen arrived with his fleet to save Earth.

Fifteen years ago, Hunter was trained as a young man on Mars by the Azurians to be a member of the Marsmen. The Marsmen were created to be a force made of 100 Earth men (though one was a woman) trained by the Azurians to defend Earth from the Green Men of Mars. After 15 years of training, John Hunter along with his crew consisting of his friend Jerry and his girlfriend Renee were sent with the Mars men fleet to confront Gurtil's army.


Cover to 1958 re-print of Man O' Mars.

The Marsmen force Gurtil's fleet to retreat to a distant planetoid. There he comes up with a new plan to send his recon officer/lover Ylla to gain Hunter's trust and then kill him. So, Ylla hailed to the enemy fleet and Hunter allowed her to board his ship. She began to tell the Marsmen lies about how she barely escaped Gurtil and how she needed their aid. John Hunter entranced by her beauty momentarily was then held at gun point by the Martian woman. However, he tricked her into revealing secrets about Gurtil's secret weapon the Hydro-Gun. Hunter then opened the airlock forcing the oxygen to leave the ship and Ylla to pass-out. As she fainted, her gun fired causing an explosion in the ship.

Seeing the explosion Gurtil believed that John Hunter was dead, but miraculously John and his crew survived after being saved by their fellow Marsmen. Using the information about the Hydro-Gun they got from Ylla, they fill a rocket with water to be used to fly straight into the Martian arsenal on a kamikaze mission. Hunter volunteered to go, but his friend Jerry pushes him out of the way and flies the suicide mission himself because John was to valuable. The mission was a success, Jerry saved Earth with his sacrifice and ended the Martian threat. Renee then asked John what they would do now. Hunter decided it was time to return home to Earth.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • Man O' Mars (1953) #1
  • Man O' Mars (1958) #1

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