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Man of War
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Real Name


First Appearance

Liberty Scout Comics #2 (June 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Paul Gustavson


Mars, the God of War, was so admiring of the German efforts during World War II that he created a being to work for them. Unfortunately for the Germans, Mars miscalculated the rotation of the Earth, so when Man of War came to life in Dayton, Ohio. Infused with American values, the Man of War rejected his "father's" ways and set out to fight the Nazis at home and abroad.

Man of War had super-human strength and heightened resistance to damage. He used the Flaming Sword of Mars, a magical weapon that was capable of cutting through anything. In Man of War #1, it was revealed that Man of War's powers derived from the planets, and that trapping him in a lead chamber can block some sort of planetary "rays" and render him powerless. Of course, as long as he still had his sword, no chamber could hold him for long.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Liberty Guard Comics
  • Liberty Scouts Comics #2-3
  • Man of War Comics #1-2

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