Public Domain Super Heroes
The Man of the Ages
Man of the Ages.png

Real Name


First Appearance

America's Greatest Comics #3 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Otto Binder and Don Rico


It is unknown where he came from, but the Man of the Ages had lived for at least a million years and claimed he would live as long as evil exists on Earth. He claimed from the beginning to simply be evil and, in the 20th century, set to mayhem by setting lions loose on children before moving to blow up a dam and flood the town below. He was opposed by Bulletman and knocked into the water, where he seemed to drown, though it was also mused that he would probably return to face another hero in a different time.

Powers and Abilities

Extraordinary longevity and durability. Also carried a gun which shoots a deadly gas.

Public Domain Appearances

  • America's Greatest Comics #3