Real Name


First Appearance

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1881)

Created by

Carlo Collodi


Mangiafuoco is first encountered in chapter X, after Pinocchio ruins one of his puppet shows by distracting the other puppets with his presence. In his rage, he demands that Pinocchio be burned as firewood for his roasting mutton. Pinocchio pleads for his life, causing Mangiafuoco to sneeze. Moved by Pinocchio's lamentations, Mangiafuoco decides instead to burn one of his own puppets, Harlequin, instead. Pinocchio throws himself on his knees and begs for Harlequin's life, appealing to Mangiafuoco by calling him "sir", "knight", "commander" and finally "excellence", to which Mangiafuoco listens. Pinocchio offers to sacrifice himself in Harlequins stead, but is refused by Mangiafuoco, who decides to eat his mutton half raw. He asks Pinocchio on his creator, Mister Geppetto's financial position, and upon hearing that he is poor, gives Pinocchio five gold coins.

Mangiafuoco's generosity though is not rewarded, as Pinocchio, rather than go home to his father, encounters The Fox and the Cat, who lead him astray by making him pay for a banquet with one of the coins and bury the rest to make a money tree.


While the original character who appeared in published works before 1923 is in public domain, the version of the character used by Disney, or any other post-1923 works are, most obviously, NOT (this includes the new name of "Stromboli" which was given to him by Disney).

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