Many Hearts

Real Name

Many Hearts

First Appearance

Lone Rider #2 (June 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger, Ken Battlefield


When Chief Golden Arrow was a young man named Comet's Tail, he is kind in giving an old woman some food. When he returns from a hunt with poor returns, he leaves a token for the old woman, not knowing the woman was asked to leave by Broken-stone. Many Hearts appears, giving Comet's Tail a golden arrow, and telling him to fire it into the rain clouds. He returns to his tribe and fires the arrow.

Broken-stone wins the contest Comet's Tail was not old enough to participate in. As he leaves, Broken-stone soon spurns an old woman of the tribe when she asks for food. Comet's Tail hears the woman's plight, and offers the woman a gathering of wheat before walking into the forest.

Comet's Tail doesn't return for some weeks. Broke-stone tells the elderly beggar woman she should move on, as a drought left the supplies of food diminished.

Comet's Tail returns after a trip rewarded with poor hunting. He notes the old woman is gone. He leaves a token at her spot, anticipating her return. A young maiden appears named Many Hearts. She asks if Comet's Tail brought food for the old woman, to which he replies he brought a token to ease her hunger pains. Many Hearts points out the drought will soon destroy the tribe for lack of food.

Comet's Tail goes to a tribal council, which confirms that the tribe may perish from a lack of food. He comes across Many Hearts, mistaking her for the elderly woman. She tells him to not be bewildered, "I am the princess of the deep forest and know the magic ways." She says she can relieve the drought and hunger if she could find a person pure enough in heart. Comet's Tail is such a person, she tells him. She hands him a golden arrow, suggesting he fire it into the gathering rain clouds. He returns to fire the golden arrow into the air, causing it to immediately begin to rain. The tribe rejoices, noting Comet's Tail skill with the bow and arrow.

Many Hearts returns riding a horse, as is pointed out by the amazed Broken-stone. The men of the tribe gather around, but Many Hearts tells them to not stand in awe of her. She tells them that henceforth Comet's Tail name will be Golden Arrow.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lone Eagle #2

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