Real Name


First Appearance

Haunted Thrills #3 (Oct. 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger


Marie is the home nurse treating Margo, a woman under the treatment of Doctor Knowles for "a strange melancholia" following the death of Martie Draw. Knowles calls in Grimm, The Ghost Doctor to help with the supernatural aspects of the case. At her house, Margo reveals to Grimm that she is haunted by Draw's ghost. During the time, Marie murders Knowles with a knife. Grimm finds a secret room, and Marie inside. He deduces Marie is a medium, and responsible for summoning the ghost of Martie Draw.

Marie tries to shoot Grimm with her pistol, but the gun jams. She pistol-whips him, knocking him cold. His cigarette starts a fire. Grimm comes to and hears Margo's screams. He finds Marie trying to kill Margo with a candlestick, and restrains her. The smoke from the fire attracts the fire department.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Haunted Thrills #3
  • Bomber Comics #2
  • Witches Tales vol. 1 #7
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