Real Name


First Appearance

Authentic Police Cases #5 (October 1948)

Original Publisher

St. John

Created by

Ralph Mayo


While in a US occupied zone in Europe, Marietta came to the aide of her friend, Nancy. Nancy's father, the Viscount, had died a year ago, but his money had vanished. Marietta decided to head to Marco's Villa where she encounters the ghost of Nancy's father. Guided by this ghost, she was led to both the missing money and his killers. The Viscount was murdered by none other than his "faithful" housekeepers Rebecca and her husband.

Powers and Abilities

In the story, Marietta was depicted as a capable adventuress and investigator who used clever gimmicks to make criminals believe she had magical powers. An example included a ring that released pepper gas she told criminals was “Powder of the Dragon's Scales.” These scales, she claimed, could unveil the shadow world. She was also strong enough with some effort to break through iron chains.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Authentic Police Cases #5


  • Marietta is a re-colored and re-named version of Chesler's Lady Satan.
  • The story was taken from Red Seal Comics #18 and was re-printed again in Strange Terrors #1, with the protagonist's name changed to Celeste Karloff.

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