Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Baron Povalsky/Povalski

First Appearance

Smash Comics #33 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Powell and Ed Cronin


Baron Povalsky was a Polish nobleman who, following the German invasion of his country, became a one-man resistance fighter.

He created two new identities, the first was Major Hurtz, which he used to spy on the Nazis from the inside, and the second was the Marksman. As the Marksman, Povalsky fought the Germans using his archery skills while wearing a red hood. Only old Vorka, his faithful manservant, knew the Baron's secret identity. Marksman operated from a small hidden room in a tower. His enemies included the Crossbow and Fraulein Halunke.

Powers and Abilities

He had no powers, but was a skilled archer and master of disguise.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Smash Comics #33-58


  • While the Marksman has yet to appear in a DC comic book, he did inspire a character in the Elseworlds series, JLA: Destiny.

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