Marston of Mars
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Real Name


First Appearance

The Planet Man (Radio Show, 1952)

Original Publisher

Palladium Radio Productions

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Marston was a ruthless, sadistic and obsessive ruler of Mars who wishes to conquer the entire solar system. He is described as giant and fierce looking. He carries a radium dagger, though he likes to kill his enemies in more slow and entertaining ways. Some are sent into the arena to face the "Maul Lions." Some are whipped to death with a "neuron whip" in the dungeon beneath his fortress. Marston trusts no one, except his dealy pet, Vema, that is his contstant companion. He eventually conquers the solar system with the "Dimension Warper" which allows him to control the orbit of the planets. He is stopped by Dantro, The Planet Man.

Veema is Marston's deadly flying Martian cobra. It's venom is so deadly that a single drop upon a man's skin will cause excrutiating pain and prove fatal in a matter of seconds. Vema is at least semi-intelligent and is a loyal protector of Marston, instantly killing anyone who attempts to betray him.

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