Marvin Sanders

Real Name

Marvin Sanders

First Appearance

  Adventures into the Unknown #3 (Feb. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long, Leonard Starr


Marvin Sanders is a vampire obsessed with a musical comedy star named Ruth Morton. Dr. Junius B. Jethro and two policemen eventually track Marvin to a cemetery. The pursuers observe as Marvin, in the form of a bat, flies into a tomb.

Inside the tomb, they discover his stone sarcophagus revealing his name as Marvin Sanders. Marvin's death is dated as 1854. Junius B. Jethro stakes the vampire in the heart. The flesh dissolves, leaving only bones.

Powers and Abilities

Martin Sanders can turn into a bat and fly. He is invulnerable to physical attacks unless he is caught off guard. Then he is susceptible to damage. He survives by drinking the blood of his victims.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #3
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