Mary Marvel

Real Name

Mary Batson/Bromfield

First Appearance

Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Otto Binder and Marc Swayze


When the Batson twins were babies, they were nursed by a woman named Sarah Primm. However, after their parents died, Mrs. Primm secretly gave Mary to the wealthy Ms. Bromfield, while Billy was sent to an orphanage.

Years later, Billy received an urgent letter from a dying Sarah Primm, revealing the truth and giving him a half a locket, which his sister possessed the other half. Billy told his friend, Freddy Freeman, and, as Captain Marvel and Captain Mavrel Jr., the two heroes began looking for a contestant on Billy's radio quiz show that had a broken locket. Finding the girl as she is being kidnapped, they save her and inform her she is really Mary Batson, Billy's sister.

When the kidnappers awaken and gag both of the boys, Mary accidentally says "Shazam!" and transforms, defeating the crooks and saving the boys, being christened "Mary Marvel."

Powers and Abilities

  • Mary Marvel gets her powers from:
    • Selena (grace)
    • Hippolyta (strength)
    • Ariadne (skill)
    • Zephyrus (speed)
    • Aurora (beauty)
    • Minerva (wisdom)

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Marvel Adventures #18-19, 37
  • Whiz Comics #48
  • Wow Comics #9-35


  • Marvel Comics owns the trademark for the name "Captain Marvel," with DC Comics owning trademarks for the names "Shazam!" and "Mary Marvel." In order to use Mary Marvel's name, it can only appear in the interior of the story.

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