Real Name

Bruce Corbet

First Appearance

Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror #111 (1951)

Original Publisher

Star Publications

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Bruce Corbet lost his brother Danny to a grenade thrown by a member of a gang called the Devils. Bruce decides after losing his brother and discovering that the Devils killed Dr. Larbins, a scientist who created a secret formula, to take matters into his own hands.

He transforms into the Mask after meditating and being surrounded in shadows. The Mask tracks down the Devil gang and blows them up with a grenade just as they did to his brother. The Devil leader however escapes to his plane and the Mask then engages him in a dogfight. Mask shoots the villain's plane down and then files a report with the police who are ecstatic with Mask's results.

The Mask then changes back into Bruce Corbet and visits his wife who works as a singer at Pompernickle's night club.


Through brief meditation, Bruce Cabot turns into The Mask complete with his clothes becoming a tux with white tie and a top hat (no explanation about the clothes.) He's a relentless fighter, and deals out punishment to criminals equal to their crimes. Also an expert fighter pilot.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Ghostly Weird Stories #122
  • Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror #111


  • The Mask was a modified re-print of a story of the Grenade from Captain Flight #5 (1944).
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