Masked Marvel
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Real Name


First Appearance

Keen Detective Funnies #7 (July 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ben Thompson


Masked Marvel was a hero whose secret identity was unknown. He fought crime with the help of a trio of assistants known as ZL, ZR, and ZY. He operated out of a glass-domed mountaintop headquarters. He had a number of gadgets and weapons such as a telepathically controlled plane, a zeppelin, a paralyzing ray gun, and a televisor - a device which let him see anywhere in the world. The Masked Marvel had undefined levels of super strength that included feats such as lifting a dinosaur over his head and may have possessed some form of telekinesis to operate his plane.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Detective Eye #1
  • Keen Detective Funnies #7-24
  • Masked Marvel #1-3


  • The identity of Philip Reinhart originated in the Protectors series published by Malibu Comics. As with other Protectors characters, that version of Masked Marvel is owned by Marvel Comics.

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