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Deviant Art (April 27, 2013)

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Maddy's story began when she was just a flat chested woman, always teased and mocked for her small figure. She developed an infatuation with curves, beauty, and Egyptian Pharaohs such as Cleopatra and was given a gift from her archeologist sister: 3 gems from the Cleo Tomb. Little did she know that when she spoke the magical words of the Pharaoh Goddess (whatever they are), she'd be granted the power of amplifying her breasts with the Green Gem. When Maddy activates all three gems (there is also a blue one and a red one), she has the power to expand any part of her body as she pleases, making her the Master Wielder of Cleopatra's Gems. Sometimes, however, the gems can 'hiccup' and change other stuff besides her breasts, butt, and body. Rumor has it was she once turned into a giant or a cat. Will she be able to fully understand the powers of the gems, or will the gems control Maddy in the end?

Gems Magic

  • Green: Expand/reduce breast size with either choice of making them heavy or light enough to walk around with.
  • Blue: Expand or reduce butt, waist, hips to any suggested size.
  • Red: Can change the weight of the holder by having her expand by choice, or by sheer gluttony of food without bringing the health effects; Can spread around to just chest or anywhere.

-Gems also have the affects of making her taller, buffer, and even change herself depending on what Maddy wants or by a "Hiccup" on the gem powers.

-She can also use them gems energy on other people to either grant or curse them with new assets.


Master Gem Maddy is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

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