Master Man

Real Name


First Appearance

Kid Eternity #15 (1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Woolfolk and Al Bryant


Master Man was a foe of Kid Eternity who was given powers opposite to the Kid's own by a shadowy figure resembling the Devil. When he said "Stygia", he could summon any evil person from fiction or history who appear and disappear in a burst of flames.

He tries to use his powers to institute a prison break, but fails thanks to Kid Eternity's interference. After his master reprimands him, Master Man grabs Kid Eternity while Mr. Keeper was distracted and attempts to torture him. However, Kid Eternity tricks the villain and uses his magic word "Eternity" to summon help. Master Man fails to destroy the Kid and was punished by the Devil for his failure. Master Man was swallowed up by the ground and into a pit of flames.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Kid Eternity #15
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