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Medusa was one of the three Gorgon sisters (the others being Stheno and Euryale) who were born to the primordial sea gods Phorcys and Ceto in the caverns beneathe Mount Olympus. When Medusa was sexually assaulted by Neptune in the temple of Athena, Athena transformed Medusa, and her sisters who defended her, into bloodthristy monsters. They were each cursed with hideous looks, including snakes for hair, which would turn anyone who looked at them directly, into stone. Medusa became the most famous of the three because the Greek hero Perseus cut off her head and used it to save Princess Andromeda, by turning a huge sea creature into stone.

In addition to snake-like hair, the original versions of the Gorgons had wings, claws and scaly skin.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Jumbo Comics #31
  • Pep Comics #46
  • The Beyond #8
  • Prize Comics #52
  • Ghost Comics #10
  • Eerie #8

Public Domain Appearances of Medusa's Head

  • Captain Marvel Jr. #2
  • Thrilling Romances #12
  • Mystery Men Comics #24
  • Pep Comics #45
  • Yankee Comics #3
  • Bulls Eye Comics #11
  • Mister Mystery #15
  • Weird Terror #3, 7
  • Weird Horrors #5
  • Tomb of Terror #5

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