Prince Mengu
Prince Mengu

Real Name

Mengu (later adopted the alter-ego of "Lionel Manning")

First Appearance

Moon Girl and the Prince (Fall 1947)

Original Publisher

E.C. Comics

Created by

Johnny Craig, Gardner Fox, & Sheldon Moldoff


Prince Mengu was a suitor of Moon Girl whom she defeated in battle which made him ineligible for her hand in marriage in her kingdom. After his defeat, he went to America and began working as a coach under the name "Lionel Manning." Moon Girl followed him and began working at the same school as "Clare Lane."

Moon Girl eventually convinced the Prince to become her crime fighting partner.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Happy Houlihans #1
  • Animal Fables #7
  • Moon Girl and the Prince #1
  • Moon Girl #2-6
  • Moon Girl Fights Crime #7-8
  • A Moon, a Girl… Romance #9
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