Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name


First Appearance

Thrilling Comics #30 (October 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Binder


Mephisto was a scientist obsessed with obtaining power. After years of research, he believed he had discovered a “black magic formula” that would make him "invincible." He claimed he would sell his soul for power.

He teamed up with Nazi fifth columnists in an effort to spread chaos and terror throughout the world so that he could rule men with the scepter of fear. He later freed inmates at a prison, to obtain men for his war against America. He was opposed by Doc Strange.

His base of operations was the complex sewer system which he was intimately familiar with.

Powers and Abilities

Mephisto was a research and occult scientist and discovered a black magic formula to make himself invincible. Inhaling the gas produced by the potion caused him to grow devil-like horns.

He became bulletproof shrugging off machine gun fire with ease. He survived a fall down into an industrial furnace (though he claimed if he hadn't escaped it would have been his end). His super-strength was enough to stun Doc Strange and his invincibility allowed him to withstand a hit from the super-strong hero.

He was adept with throwing knives; hurling multiple blades with deadly accuracy. He used handguns and other firearms. A small gang was in his employ.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Thrilling Comics #30, 33


  • The Nedor comics were renewed by Popular Library, which was eventually bought out by Fawcett Books. When Fawcett went out of business, Popular Library was sold to Warner Bros. A number of different publishers, however, are currently/have been using these characters without any lawsuits from Warner Bros., so any action over them is (probably) unlikely. They are still, however, "use at your own risk" characters.