Mercurian Mole Men

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing Mystery Funnies #12 V2 (Dec. 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Basil Wolverton


Nick Nelson of the Space Patrol and his Martian gunner, Kodi, investigate space piracy near Mercury. The Interplanetary Express X-65 lands on Mercury on the precipice of a volcanic crater. The X-65 carries a monthly cargo of green diamonds from Mercury. The X-65 falls into the crater and is rendered useless.

Investigating further, Nick and Kodi take their "atom-needle pistols" in lieu of their "flame guns". As they examine the surface of Mercury, they are attacked by a dragon-like creature called a Vulkite. Nick and Kodi dispatch the hapless creature with their atom-needle pistols. They continue, and find a door set in a cliff-face.

Going inside, Nick Nelson and Kodi encounters the Mercurian behind the crime and the Mole Men he uses as lackeys. He makes the pair from Space Patrol drop their guns. The Mercurian informs the patrolmen of his responsibility for the hijacking and ultimate destruction of the X-65. He explains he stole as many green diamonds as he could manage. The diamonds are kept in a box in front of him.

The Mercurian challenges Nick to a shoot out, ordering the Mole Man Guab to return Nick's pistol to him. Guab does so, but only after surreptitiously removing the atom-needles. The over-confident Mercurian fires and misses Nick Nelson, the needle exploding as it hits a flint pillar near his face. Patrolman Nelson takes the opportunity to punch the Mercurian while grabbing the aliens pistol.

Kobi picks up the box of green diamonds and exits. The Mole Men are ordered to follow and retrieve the diamonds. After a few being shot, the Mole Men become reluctant. The Mercurian orders the release of the Dryak, which prepares to attack Nick. Kodi shoots the monster dead from the Space Patrol ship.

The Space Patrolmen open the box with a flame gun, discovering the diamonds inside. Instead of going after the Mercurian, Patrolman Nick Nelson decides to drop atom bombs in the active volcano near where the Mercurian has his lair. The volcano explodes, killing the Mercurian and his Mole Men underlings.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Mystery Funnies #29

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