Real Name

Moe Lynn

First Appearance

Super Mystery Comics vol. 3 #6 (1943)

Original Publisher

Ace Periodicals

Created by



Moe Lynn was a drifter and an amateur magician before he met Arthur Lake (aka the Sword). While most of the people he encountered assumed he was a worthless hobo, Arthur recognized that Moe was a decent person and treated him kindly. When Morgana and her henchmen attacked Arthur's friends (after they inadvertently found themselves caught in the middle of her plan), he tried to fight them off. He wound up distracting them long enough to give Arthur time to change into the Sword and intervene. A few days later, Morgana kidnapped Moe in order to recover a cigarette case that contained names and addresses of all the Allied agents stationed in Europe (Moe got his hands on the case when she accidentally dropped it out the window). When Arthur transformed into the Sword in order to help his new friend, Moe transformed into Merlin. Although he was initially caught off guard by the transformation, he used his now-genuine magical powers to subdue Morgana.

From that point on, Moe transformed into Merlin every time Arthur transformed into the Sword. Arthur was able to get him a job in his father's aircraft factory, and he continued to aid the Sword and the Lancer for the rest of his appearances.

Moe Lynn

Moe Lynn as Merlin (left) and as himself (right)

Public Domain Appearances

  • Super Mystery Comics vol. 3 #6
    • vol. 4 #6

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