The Mighty Woman

Real Name


First Appearance

Planet Comics #3 (March 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Wilson Locke, Alex Blum, and Dan Zolnerowich


In the vast cold reaches of the far north lives Amazona: the Mighty Woman of unsurpassing strength and unmatched beauty. She and her people are the last survivors of a super race that perished during the period of the last ice age. When she meets a handsome explorer named Blake Manners who accidentally stumbled upon their citadel after surviving an ill-fated expedition, she becomes infatuated with him and follows him back to America.

Amazona frees Blake's ship from the ice.

In America, Amazona and Blake go to a party, but it is crashed by gangsters. Amazona manages to stop the criminals and avoid being caught up in a fiery explosion.

While she made only one appearance, Blake was supposedly able to investigate a murder case in the next issue with Amazona's help.

Powers and Abilities

Amazona's superpowers include immunity to the effects of cold, super strength, superhuman endurance, and cat-like agility.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Planet Comics #3


  • While many have assumed that Amazona was inspired by Wonder Woman, Amazona debuted over a year earlier.

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