Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing-Man Comics #5 (September 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

John F. Kolb


Becoming the target of the mad scientist Barmell's shrinking ray, a young man and his girlfriend, Ritty, are both permanently rendered 6" tall, though they retain some of their respective mass/strength. Initially sent to murder the scientist's relatives with a poison needle (ala the horror film, The Devil Doll), the duo is freed when the scientist blows up his lab when cornered by the FBI. Minimidget is supposedly killed by a mousetrap in this story but is revived by a paramedic in the following issue.

Minimidget and Ritty make the best of their bad situation and become superheroes.

Powers and Abilities

They have no powers, but they make use of tiny sports cars and miniature airplanes. Minimidget also carries a tiny sword and rides a trained rabbit named Bucky.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Man Comics #5-7 (as Minimidget the Miniature Man)
  • Amazing Man Comics #8-13 (as the Super-Midget)
  • Amazing Man Comics #14-25
  • Stars and Stripes Comics #2-6


  • Minimidget and Ritty were the first shrunken superheroes, beating Doll Man by a matter of months.
  • The word "midget" is not a term one should use so the character would need to be updated for any sort of use today.
  • AC Comics merged the character with Jack Rhodes, an FBI man who also appeared in Amazing-Man Comics #5.

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