The Miracle Man

Real Name


First Appearance

Sinclair Oil RD 119: The Miracle In Your Gas Tank

Original Publisher

Sinclair Research Laboratories, Inc.

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Golden Age Origin

The Miracle Man was a bizarre sell out of a superhero, who didn't use his magical abilities to fight crime or the enemies of America, but instead used his abilities to pitch "miraculous" consumer products such as Sinclair RD 119 formula fuel additive. He was so zealous about selling products, he couldn't activate his magic powers without shouting the name of the product. He'd also force innocent bystanders to do humiliating and dangerous things like swim around inside the gas tank of their own car, so he could "educate" them!

The Miracle Man flew around on a magic carpet with a steering wheel and the front end of a car attached to it. He had the ability to magically shrink himself and others down, at least to a half inch tall and he could also teleport himself and others in explosive bursts of smoke. Apparently, being around the Miracle Man gave people terrible headaches and made them question their own sanity, but maybe it was just the gas fumes.


Golden Age Appearances

  • Sinclair Oil RD 119: The Miracle In Your Gas Tank


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