Mirror Man
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First Appearance

Captain Flash #2 (March, 1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mike Sekowsky

Golden Age Origin

Mirror Man was a monster from another world that entered Earth's dimension when a scientist named Dr. Pierce was experimenting with silicon atoms to create a new isotope. The experiment allowed the creature to break free from the mirror world and it began to siphon silicon from the doctor killing him. Keith Spencer, Captain Flash, found Pierce's dead body but soon found himself under attack from Mirror Man. Keith transforms into his superhero form and fights back the beast sending the monster back into the mirror.

Captain Flash and his sidekick Ricky then recreate Dr. Pierce's experiment and discover that Mirror Man needs silicon to live. They also figure out after Mirror Man attacks a second time that he was going after anyone involved with the Cosmic project like Dr. Pierce. Ricky realized that his father could be the next victim as he was the head of the project. The duo rush to Rick's house to find his father being sucked into their bathroom mirror. They stop the monster and follow him into the sewers to a strange place filled with mirrors. Captain Flash and Mirror Man fight but the Captain burst into flames using his powers causing Mirror Man to retreat only with the monster swearing his revenge. In Captain Flash #4, it's revealled that a staute of Captain Flash was erected in honour of him saving the lab.

Mirror Man returns

Mirror Man in his second appearance

at a scientific conference, once more attacking scientists. Captain Flash lures Mirror Man by having the remaining scientists meet in "The Mirror Room". Once Mirror Man appears, Captain Flash presses a button to have all the mirrors in the room rotate back into the wall. Flash almost defeats him until Mirror Man escapes through a compact mirror in a woman's handbag.

While in his first appearence Mirror Man looked like a giant tentacled lizard monster, in his second he resembled a more human-like form.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Flash #1-2

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