Miss Mousqueterr

Real Name

Violet Mousqueterr

First Appearance

Miss Mousqueterr in Le Journal des Voyages (Oct. 7, 1906)

Original Publisher

Created by

Paul d'Ivoi


Miss Mousqueterr was the heir of Jean Mousqueterr, a businessman who made a fortune in Australia. Violet was born in England and attended the best schools there. She was orphaned as a young woman, and inherited the multi-million dollar fortune. As a wealthy and attractive young woman, a variety of princes and noblemen had asked for her hand in marriage, but she refused them all, because she found them boring. She cared little for money and she wanted a man with a unique spirit, who could communicate his love for her with a simple look. She grew tired of men hitting on her and eventually, came to regard her existence as monotonous. She craved excitement.

While vacationing in Nice, France, she met a young Parisian man named Max Soleil, who pointed out an article in the local newspaper, about a strange case of international intrigue. She sprang at the chance to help Max investigate it, hoping to have some excitement and do a good deed. The case involved a secret Hindu cult who wore masks and threatened Europe. The adventure took Violet and her friends to India and Tibet. They ultimately defeated the cult, using technology based on colored light. Technology included a device which could mesmerize a person, a laser-like weapon and a disintegrating force field.

Miss Mosqueterr was described as a very pretty woman with blonde, almost tawny hair, pink lips, long pink nails, and blue eyes.

Violet's Friends

Sir John Lobster: A fat, short legged Englishman. He was a representative in the House of Commons and one of the wealthiest land owners in the country. He wanted to marry Miss Mousqueterr and was willing to use his money and power to prove that he can cut corners for her. This method of living is something that Violet despised.

Max Soleil: A French fiction writer, who created the heroine Martha Lussan. He is 27 or 28 years old, of average size and looks, with short hair and green eyes. He is apparently a very happy man who freuently sings, hums and laughs. He is very smart, sincere and imaginative. At 18, he attended Ecolo Polytechnic, and he could have had his choice of careers. He spent two years doing comedy on the Vaudeville stage. He has also published comedy and drama novels, but he only makes about 20,000 francs a year.


  • Mousqueterr sounds like the French word for Musketeer. However, she has no relationship to the Three Musketeers.
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