Mokon, King of the Moon

Real Name

King Mokon

First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #16 (March, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Grieg Chapian


Mokon is the king of a magical kingdom on the far side of the moon, which has an earth-like environment, but strange and unique creatures. Mokon could travel to and from the moon within minutes in his magical flying chariot, and Mokon himself demonstrated the power of flight. Around the late 12th Century, Mokon took Marion, sister of the Golden Knight as his bride. This had been foretold by the Knight's father, and in exchange for his sister's hand, Mokon offered the Golden Knight a magical silver rod. Mokon later brought the Golden Knight and Alice, to his kingdom on the moon. While he was there, the Golden Knight defeated Mokon's ruthless enemy, Bakalma.

Mokon is the older brother of Sukon, King of the Sun, and Winkon, King of the Winds.

Golden Age Appearances

Fantastic Comics #16-17

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