Queen Moletta
Queen Moletta

Real Name

Queen Moletta

First Appearance

Lightning Comics v2 #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mark Schneider

Golden Age Origin

Queen Moletta was the leader of a race of green skinned molemen. Her men brought her a surface dweller called Congo Jack, a big game hunter, for their games, but she took a liking to him. However the molemen commander named Lugi wanted her as his queen and tried to take Jack out the picture. Lugi even allied with the Blue Dwarfs and their King Bobo to win the queen and destroy Congo Jack. However, Bobo is killed and Lugi imprisoned while Jack returns to the surface world much to the disappointment of Queen Moletta.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Lightning Comics v2 #1-2


  • Moletta looks similar to another subterranean queen named Green Sorceress.

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