Public Domain Super Heroes

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Japanese folklore of the Edo period (1603–1868)

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the Japanese people


When a poor, childless couple find a huge peach floating down the river, they bring it home with the intent of eating it but are shocked to find a child inside it who claims to have been sent to them from Heaven.They name him Momotaro and raise him, and he later goes out on his first adventure: fighting hostile oni (variously described in the English‐language stories as demons, devils, spirits or monsters) on their island with (in most versions) the help of talking animals—a dog, a monkey and a pheasant—that he encounters on the way.The leader of the oni is sometimes named as Akandoji.

He is sometimes portrayed as undertaking his first adventure as a young man while others portray him as still being a child.

Powers and Abilities

  • Some stories describe him as having great/super strength (with one story from 1874 describing him as being of giant size).
  • English translations have named him Peach‐Boy, Little Peachling, Son of a Peach, and Peach Darling.

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