Real Name


First Appearance

Pep Comics #40 (July, 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Irv Novick


Monstro was a powerful, but peaceful martian who visited earth when he accidentally trapped himself in a spacecraft bound for our planet. Monstro created pandamonium amonst most of the earth citizens he encountered when he set out on foot in New York, and the police assumed him to be the vanguard of an alien invasion. Monstro tried to escape, but was tracked down by The Shield. When The Shield attacked him, mistakenly believing that Monstro was threatening his partner Dusty the Boy Detective, Mostro crumpled into a fetal position. Monstro decided to stay on Earth for a while and The Shield attempted to look out for him during his visit. However, The Shield quickly became annoyed with him and Monstro set out on his own for a few weeks in March. He naively attempted to help a number of earth men, but was taken advantage of by swindlers. Soon after, he decided to leave the earth.

Although he is not aggressive, Monstro demonstrated tremendous strength, speed and athleticism, likely on a superhuman level. He was highly resistant to injury, at least enough to shrug off the bullets of police firearms without harm. He had the ability to read minds, which in turn allowed him to instantly learn English. He also had the ability to morph his appearance to look like any human (or anything else he wanted to resemble). He also had x-ray vision, allowing him to see through solid matter.

Despite his power, Monstro was quite timid. He revealed that he had high blood pressure and that he suffered a nervous break down at one point.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Pep Comics #40
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