Public Domain Super Heroes
Moon Girl

Real Name

Princess Moon Girl (later adopted the alter-ego of Clare Lune)

First Appearance

Moon Girl and the Prince (Fall 1947)

Original Publisher

E.C. Comics

Created by

Johnny Craig, Gardner Fox, & Sheldon Moldoff


Raised in a small kingdom in a remote part of Samarkand, the girl known as the Princess of the Moon was taught that she came from a long line of women who had been unbeatable in battle. Unfortunately, she wasn't told this until after she had sworn to herself that she would never marry a man unless he was a superior warrior to her.

Taking her family heirloom, a moonstone said to make the wearer invincible, she left her home and traveled to America in search of Prince Mengu, a suitor she had liked but easily defeated. Finding him working as a teacher under an assumed name, she created her own false identity, Clare Lune, and found work at the same school. She then convinced Prince Mengu to join her in fighting crime.

Later, she was joined by a female sidekick called Starlet.

Moon Girl fought enemies such as Satana, Mabelene, Invaders from Venus, Lurani, and Undina.


Moon Girl in her Moonship.

Powers and Abilities[]

She has superhuman strength, owns a moonstone which makes her "superior to any man" and invincible in battle, and has a telepathically controlled "moonship" plane.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • The Happy Houlihans #1 (reprint)
  • Animal Fables #7 (reprint)
  • Moon Girl and the Prince #1
  • Moon Girl #2-6
  • Moon Girl Fights Crime #7-8
  • A Moon, a Girl… Romance #9

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