Moon Mantis

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #1 (July 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lou Morales


Lunar Station X-32 is attacked by giant insects appearing like preying mantis. Speed Lansing of Space Rangers calls on the Venus patrol Scoutcraft JB, operated by Jim Jones and Bob Barry. While Scoutcraft cleans house, more scoutcraft arrive to assist. When the insects are put down, one of the scoutcraft lands and Stella Dawn of the Space Transport Auxiliary Reserve (S.T.A.R.) comes out to greet Jim and Bob. She brings a message from "general headquarters", informing them that Space Rangers want to know the origin of the Moon Mantises.

Investigating, the Space Rangers are captured by Halgo and his men. Halgo introduces himself as "Leader of the Outerplantary Circle". Halgo plans to use solar mirrors, forgotten 20th century technology from a warring era on Earth. Halgo has used food to attract the underground Moon Mantises to the surface.

Adutant Lansing shows up, just in time to go after Halgo and his group of spaceships before he uses the mirrors to destroy Earth. Commodore Rex Clive decides on a course of action, dropping bombs on the moon to alter its course. This creates a total eclipse, temporarily cutting the power to Halgo's damaging mirror weapons. In addition to routing Halgo and sending the Outerplanetary spacecraft fleeing, the bombs set off lunar volcanoes, changing the atmosphere of the moon. This makes it habitable for life.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #1
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