Moon People

Real Name


First Appearance

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #1 (Aug. 1956)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill, Bill Molno


The Moon People were inhabitants of the Moon. When Major Rex Costello of the "U.S. Army Outerspace Reserve" takes a secret mission to the Moon. His missile/rocket leaves on April 12, 1967, launched from a uninhabited location in New Mexico.

Landing on the Moon, Rex plants an American flag on a high spot. As he prepares to leave, he is attacked by fur-covered, mouthless Moon People. He is taken to their leader, who introduces himself as Mox. Speaking to Rex telepathically, Mox explains he is the "elected head of this place you call the Moon".

Mox explains to Rex that the astronaut is not the first Earth person to reach the Earth. The first group they treated well, synthesizing food for them and providing rooms with necessary atmospheres for them to live. Mox says his people do not require atmosphere or food, as they live on cosmic rays. The Earth people tried to take over, so the Moon people imprisoned them where they couldn't do harm.

Mox takes Rex Costello to see the prisoners. Rex realizes the prisoners are Adolf Hitler and other Nazis, and that they had escaped to the Moon. Rex returns to Earth and reports his findings, and the fact the Moon People want the Moon to be colonized by the United States.

The Army general in charge of the mission promises to work on establishing bases on the Moon to protect the peace-loving Moon people.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mysteries of Unexplored World #2

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