Mr. Aqua

Real Name

Mr. Aqua

First Appearance

Plastic Man #25 (1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Woolfolk and Jack Cole


While chemist Duncan Groat was experimenting with chemicals to create a catalyst that would make solid water at room temperature, a chemical explosion. In the aftermath, a sentient creature made of water called Mr. Aqua was created. Mr. Aqua not only speak English upon creation, but also was self-aware. After coming into being, he accompanied his creator Groat to a science convention, but Groat was a laughing stock as no scientist believed his claims. Mr. Aqua took this personally, and drowned the science council president.

Plastic Man tried to stop Mr. Aqua, but the creature escaped into a sewer grate. He later re-appeared to offer Groat a chance to be his partner in crime, but when the doctor refused, Mr. Aqua tried to kill his maker. Plastic Man and Woozy Winks saved the chemist from his monster. Mr. Aqua was vanquished by Woozy when he accidentally drinks the creature.

Powers and Abilities

Mr. Aqua was a shapeshifter with a body made of water and possessing all the qualities of water. Blunt attacks were able to be absorbed by him without injury and he was capable of reconstituting himself. His biggest weaknesses were extreme cold and heat as they would cause him to become ice or steam.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Plastic Man #25, 44, 63

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