Mr. Miracle
Mr. Miracle

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Captain Fearless #1 (1941)

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Mr. Miracle was a costumed magician hero said to possess "all of the terrible forces cosmic". Before he was known as Mr. Miracle, he tried to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge into the waters below. He was saved from drowning by a passerby and taken to a lab far up in the hills.

In the lab he was tended to by professor Rietz who exposed the man to a device called a mind ray. Unfortunately the professor was betrayed by his assistant Sango and the plans for the mind ray were stolen and the professor was shot. Left for dead the professor lived long enough to tell the man he saved that he now possesed powers and also asked him to stop his assistant by destroying the mind ray plans. The man dubbed himself Mr. Miracle and uses his powers to battle evil.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Fearless #1-2
  • Holyoke One-Shot #2

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