Mr. Q
Mr q


Operative 17

First Appearance

Green Hornet Comics #11 (February 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Sahle and Sam Burlockoff


Mr. Q was a hero who seemingly possessed supernatural powers able to appear and disappear into clouds of smoke though this may be illusion created by the use of smoke bombs. He preferred to operate behind the scenes, and let others take the credit for his work much like how Sherlock Holmes often allowed Inspector Lestrade to take credit for his cases.

Gh11 (18)

Mr.Q's secrets revealed!

At the end of his first appearance, it was revealed that Mr. Q was actually Operative 17 of the FBI. In addition, he was also chief of a squad of investigators. After getting a desk job, Operative 17 grew bored with his work and longed to be a field agent. So, using his extensive training in criminology, athletics, and chemistry, he developed the costumed persona of Mr. Q, which corresponded to his code name since the 17th letter of the alphabet is Q. He used gadgets such as smoke pellets and a gun that shoots knockout darts to help fight fifth columnists and other enemies of America.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Green Hornet #11-12

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