Mr. Xtreme

Real Name


First Appearance

Unknown (presumably 7 years before 2013)


As reported by Andrew Handley:

"Honestly, if there’s any city that needs a superhero it’s probably San Diego, especially after the police department was downsized in 2012, leading to an increase in crime. And Mr. Extreme might not be the hero San Diego deserves, but he’s the hero San Diego puts up with. A security guard in the daylight hours, once the sun goes down he suits up with shin guards, cape, army helmet and identity-protection goggles, then vigorously strolls into the crime-ridden sidewalks of the East Village.

Mr. Extreme has been working for about seven years now, armed with a taser, handcuffs, three cans of pepper spray, and the conviction that right is always the right thing to do. While he doesn’t get into a whole lot of action, he has instigated several citizens arrests throughout his career."

Mr. Xtreme is the leader and founder of the Xtreme Justice League!


  • The identity and look of "Mr. Xtreme" would technically be owned by whoever it is behind the mask however, with his identity being secret, nobody knows who that is so...
  • It should be noted that police response to real life superheroes is typically negative, who view them as vigilantes.


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