Musculoso (The Muscular)

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Created by

Cadu Simões & Ricardo Marcelino


Musculoso is a full time superhero, because for him there is no such frills as a secret identity. He is the leader of a group of superheroes funded by the government.

As his name suggests, Musculoso is super strong and has a good "marombado" body. His powers are invulnerability, x-ray vision, flight, freezing wind and all the basic powers that a superhero can have.

Musculoso is the most famous superhero in the world, making a big hit especially among women. But such success has made him incredibly cocky, arrogant and self-centered, all the while acting as if the world revolves around him up. He is also unbearably narcissistic and is always posing and boasting of his beauty.

But despite all these shortcomings, Musculoso is a good person and is always willing to fight evil and save people in danger (especially if it's a hot woman)!

He is also the leader of Legião da Justiça (Legion of Justice).


The license used to release the Homem-Grilo comic book series into the public domain states that all aspects of his comic series (including the supporting cast) can be used by others to create derivative works for commercial gain but, you must give creator credit.

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