Myra Pyram

Real Name

Myra Pyram Sanders

First Appearance

Terrific #4 (Dec, 1954)

Original Publisher

Comic Media

Created by

Marty Elkin


John Sanders married Myra Pyram, not realizing she had a dangerous obsession with Egyptian magic. She begins bringing mummies into the home, using elaborate and arcane rituals to resurrect them. He separates from Myra and moves out of the house. When John learns that she intends to resurrect the ancient god Anubis and rule with him under a brutal, evil dictatorship, he confronts her with a pistol.

John finds he cannot harm the resurrected dark god, he shoots Myra instead, putting an end to her activities. Anubis falls when Myra is shot, thus ending his bid for an Earthly reign. John then shoots himself.

Powers and Abilities

Myra Pyram is educated in the history and religion of ancient Egypt. She is adept at ancient Egyptian magic. She has the ability to bring mummies back to life, and even summon ancient Egyptian gods.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Terrific #14